A medical technologist is a health-care professional that works under the supervision of a doctor or surgeon. They may provide assistance with office functions or with medical procedures. Some medical technologists may specialize in clinical or administrative areas.

A medical technologist provides a variety of services under the direct guidance of a physician. This includes both administrative functions and clinical functions. The functions that a medical technologist performs may vary depending on the state they work in and the physician that they work for. Common administrative functions are scheduling appointments. Checking patients into and out of the office. Taking payments and filing insurance claims. Completing any and all paperwork. Maintaining medical records including coding them. Common clinical duties that are often performed by a medical technologist may include taking vital signs and recording this information in the patient’s chart. Preparing exam rooms and patients to see the doctor. Thy may also explain treatments to the patient. They may assist during the exam by handing the doctor instruments or giving injections. Medical technologists may also authorize prescription refills or give certain types of medications. Learn more about the medical technologist salary below.  

Medical Technologist Salary:

At this time, the average medical technologist salary is about $55,000 a year. The amount that is offered to a medical technologist will depend on experience, type of procedures performed, the type of doctor or facility that you work in and even the city and state that you work in. There are ways to increase the amount of the medical technologist wage. This can be done by looking for higher paying jobs in certain states. The best states to work in with the highest medical technologist pay rates are Washington, Hawaii, Massachusetts, District of Columbia and Alaska. In Washington state and Hawaii the average wage for medical technologists is in the $60,000 range. Massachusetts offers an average salary of $61,000 a year. In Washington, DC you can expect an average medical technologist salary of $70,000. The top salary can be found in Alaska. Alaska offers a top rate salary of $75,000 per year.

Medical Technologist Education:

The educational requirements to become a medical technologist are varied. You will need to attend a secondary school in order to get the proper education and training that you will need to succeed in this career field. There are many programs out there to choose from. These range from a one year certificate program to a two year associate degree program. It is best to go with the associate degree as you will be taught more comprehensive topics. Some of the courses that you will be studying are anatomy, physiology, exam techniques, patient care, medical records management, how to take and record vital signs, medical coding and billing, office procedures, computer and office programs, CPR and first aid and much more. The degrees will involve both classroom learning in addition to clinical rotations working in a real doctor’s office or hospital. Once you have graduated and received your degree, you will be eligible to become registered. You will need to take a certification test that is provided by American Medical Technologists. Upon completion of this multiple choice exam, you will be a medical technologist.

Medical Technologist Job Description:

Medical technologists typically work in a medical environment such as a doctor’s office or other type of medical facility such as a hospital or clinic. The job of a medical technologist is varied so they will spend some time at a desk and some time will be spent working directly with the doctor and with patients. This is a job that may require lots of movement and will require hours on both your feet and at a desk. As a medical technologist, you will be working as a team with the doctor in addition to any other medical professionals that may be on staff. The average medical technologist will work a normal forty hour work week. The hours a RMA works will depend on the hours of the doctor that they are working for. RMAs that work in hospitals or large medical facilities may work for several doctors and may even work at night or on the weekends.

The career of a medical technologist may be the perfect way to get your foot in the door of the medical field without spending eight or more years in medical school. This is a career in which you will get to take part in a patient’s care in addition to the running of the office. You will be at the forefront of all the happenings in the office. Working as a medical technologist can be a very involved career and you will need to have lots of patience, understanding and a good grasp on what the doctor needs you to do.

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